The Academic Network, Inc.

​Regional Conferences on Faculty/Staff Recruitment and Selection Committee Diversity Training

Austin, TX (Sept. 13th)
Philadelphia, PA (Sept. 25th)
San Francisco, CA (Oct. 18th)
​Boston, MA (Nov. 6th)
Chicago, IL (Nov. 30th)

The regional conferences are designed to explore implementation of evaluation, review and selection strategies in preserving diversity and inclusion in the faculty/staff hiring process.

Target Audience: Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Equal Opportunity

2017 National Conference Calendar

Women's Conference on Gender Equality in
​Higher Education

​Las Vegas, NV​
​Monday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 17th
(New Date)
Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas South

The conference mission is to exam comprehensive methods of creating a conducive environment at the faculty, staff, administrative level for women in higher education. Each of the sessions is aimed at prompting productive dialogue on preserving equity,workplace and professional balance, career development and institutional fairness.

Target Audience: Women in Higher Education positions