MFAD Job Posting and Circulation

The Academic Network, Inc.

The Minority Faculty/Staff Applicant Database (MFAD) has become the largest resource in circulating faculty, staff and administrative jobs to diverse candidates.

Below are some additional highlights of MFAD: 

  • 96% of registrants have, or are currently completing, masters and doctoral degrees
  • MFAD annual membership allows unlimited postings per institution (all departments)
  • Academic positions are distributed to over 1,320 minority academic/professional organizations and 11,200 current faculty, staff and administrators
  • MFAD has exclusive connections with Career Placement Directors from over 1,400 colleges and universities, including 310 Minority-Serving Institutions.

Job Circulation Tracking:

MFAD tracks every position and provides you with a statistical rundown of:

  • How many people received the job
  • How many people clicked on the link to the job
  • How many people accessed your HR page from the job posting

    Three pricing options to post jobs:

    1) Single Job Posting (45 day period): $265
    2) Multiple Jobs Bundle (45 day period): 1st job - $265, 2nd - $245
    3) 1-Year Unlimited Job Postings: $1,700*
    *includes all college/university departments

ELITE Diversity Search 
​How searches are conducted?

Our firm goes through an intense analysis of thousands of resumes and/or curriculum vitae in matching your vacancy with hundreds of qualified, diverse candidates for faculty and staff positions. We use all of our exclusive resources, including access to over 2,700 academic associations and organizations, as well as our 65,000 contacts at higher education institutions, in making sure your institution will receive the best candidates for job matching and searches.

ELITE Diversity Search

Find diverse candidates for faculty, staff and administrative positions

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